Our Products

We offer a wide range of assorted products which include but not limited to:


The avocado is the most complete of fruits. It is characterized by having a green rind and a creamy pulp with a yellow or light green color. It has a high level of purity and it is easily digestible. Its great nutritional properties are adapted to most human needs. The fruit is harvested by hand, and left to ripen once collected. We supply mainly two varieties, 'Hass' avocado, which is known for having a hard, rough skin, which, when ripe, softens up and turns dark in color and, 'Fuerte' known as ‘green skin avocados’, which skin becomes dark green when ripe.


Mangoes are also known as ‘peaches of the tropics’, it is one of the most important fruits of the Anacardiaceae family. They belong to the Mangifera genus. They are considered to be one of the major tropical fruits, ranking among the finest in the world. Mango is an exotic fruit of Asian origin, characterized by its fleshy pulp and very sweet taste. It is green in color and moderately acid in flavor during the ripening process, turning yellow or orange when fully ripe. Most production is located on the Eastern, Central and Coastal regions in Kenya.

Our main varieties include Apple, Ngowe, Kent and Keitt.


We package and export Smooth Cayenne and MD2 varieties of pineapple.

Packaging is done in corrugated cartons and we can provide sizes 6 to 10.

Pineapple can be sourced all year round, except during low months of April, May and November.

We are also licensed exporters of Tea from Kenya.

Fresh Vegetables

They include French beans, snow peas, sugar snaps, capsicum, runner beans, gojets, baby corns, baby carrots, broccoli e.t.c


They include Soya beans, Green mung, peas, coconut oil.


They include chives, sage, basil, thyme, mint, rosemary, oregano, coriander, dill, parsley, lemon grass, lemon verbena,